Hope Therapy Center

Sarah L. Quintanilla

Speech Language Pathologist Intern


When I visited Hope for the first time, the staff and patients were so welcoming and willing to help me learn to refine my clinical skills. The environment was so happy and calming that I knew it would be a wonderful place to be.

After just 6 months of working at Hope, I have learned so much. I am naturally very inquisitive and love to learn new things every day. I am willing to let anyone teach me anything, including the patients themselves. The kids most definitely teach me new signs any chance they get! It’s great.

One thing I enjoy doing is utilizing things I learn about a patient’s learning style and interests in therapy sessions. No task is too silly if the kids learn and have fun while doing it.

I am dedicated to my work because I believe God blesses us to be a blessing to others. If I can be half the blessing the kids are to us, I will do just fine.

Every moment I spend at Hope, watching children laugh, live and learn, are considered my favorite memories.