Hope Therapy Center


Hope Therapy Center strives to stay involved in community events that help provide families with information on hearing loss. These events, that we host or participate in, are rewarding for all involved. You will see parents interacting with each other, with Hope staff members and a variety of other professionals in the community.

We host a support group for families of children with hearing loss that meets every three months. We started the group in 2009 when we opened our doors and to this day it is one of the best things we do for families. These meetings vary from an outdoor day at a local park, a guest speaker (audiologist, teacher, doctor, counselor), or a holiday party. Some of the best meetings have been when a parent volunteers to be the speaker and tells about their own personal journey with their child’s hearing loss. It is impossible to leave one of these meetings without feeling inspired by our families. We provide an interpreter in both sign language and Spanish when needed. Childcare is provided by students from the local university that are members of an organization called ‘Valley I Can’ which volunteers to help deaf and hard of hearing individuals in our community.

The owners and staff members of Hope Therapy Center participate in as many events in the community as are available for the deaf and hard of hearing, such as:

We encourage our staff, patients, and families to participate in these events whenever possible. It is all about connections and at these community events connection is happening all around you!

“I dreamed of a center that could help guide families in their journey with hearing loss.” — Beckie Wood, Owner