Hope Therapy Center


Hope Therapy Center
Where Your Child Discovers the Power of Communication

Hope Therapy Center was a dream finally realized in February of 2009. Our commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing community led us to create the first outpatient therapy center in the Rio Grande Valley, where individuals affected by hearing loss could receive speech –language therapy, aural (re)habilitation, occupational therapy and social services.

Parents of children who have just received a diagnosis of hearing loss are beginning an unforgettable journey. Many families do this alone, often worried, sad, angry and not sure where to get the help they need. At Hope you are provided with information, community resources and access to in house events concerning your child’s diagnosis, and beyond. In addition, we will guide you in how to interact and communicate with your child to help you transition into this new chapter of your life.

Hope Therapy Center employs talented, caring, highly qualified professionals. Our staff provides care to infants, toddlers, school-age children, adolescents, and adults who are affected by hearing loss. We utilize a “team” approach so that our patients benefit from the knowledge of every member of our staff. We value families and encourage them to be an integral part of our team by participating in their child’s therapy plan.

Hope staff meets once a week for “Tuesday Training” to discuss relevant topics related to hearing loss and, once a year, we travel out of town as a team to trainings which focus on listening and spoken language strategies. Our staff members research, attend continuing education trainings, and collaborate with local and out of town professionals to continue to better our understanding of hearing loss. We are motivated by the smiles of the children that walk through our doors every day.

“What a blessing my ‘work’ is to me.”Beckie Wood, M. Ed., CCC/SLP, Owner