Hope Therapy Center



Following a diagnosis of hearing loss for your child you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of who to turn to for help and advice.  You are asked to quickly learn technical jargon, how to understand an audiogram and what your child’s communication options are.  You and your child are expected to attend appointments for hearing assessment, hearing aid evaluation, and speech and language evaluation.  Appointments, decisions, fears and tears; often with no time or energy for dreaming about all the wonderful things life holds for your child.


We encourage you to visit us at Hope Therapy Center.  Our staff is trained to answer your questions, guide you on your journey and assist you in connecting with resources in our community.  We understand that every family has different dreams for their child.  Many of our parents tell us they want their little ones to be dancers, cheerleaders, football players, swimmers, doctors and teachers.  All of this and more is possible and the staff at Hope will encourage you and your child to DREAM BIG!

“Tears streamed down my face as she said my name again and again, and saying it beautifully.” – Beckie Wood, Owner