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Can My Child be Professionally Tested for Hearing Loss?


The best way to give your child the most thorough and professional treatment is by having him/her assessed by an audiologist. Once you have identified inconsistencies in your child’s hearing, a professional can follow through with tests that will determine the next course of action. Tests vary depending on your child’s age and will usually conclude whether sounds are traveling into the ear efficiently or if there is damage within the inner ear or nerve pathways. A professional can additionally run tests that will evaluate the efficiency in which your child’s brain processes sounds.

The Sound of Hope

The first step in your child’s habilitation for a speech/hearing delay is to pinpoint the problem and act accordingly. At Hope Therapy Center, we can handle the rest. Our occupational therapist and speech language pathologist will work hard to make a difference in your child’s life. For more information about our services, visit our office in McAllen today.