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Is Your Child in Need of Speech Therapy?

A child learning to speak is one of the most moving experiences for a parent, but when do the cute mispronunciations and stutters become warning signs? The feeling of suspecting your child’s speaking abilities are not as good as they should be can be extremely worrying for any parent. Friends and family may tell you some children are simply late bloomers, but there are several signs you should not ignore. Identifying them is key in providing your child with the prompt care they need.

Read the Signs

Children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years will often mispronounce many words that will have you guessing what they’re trying to say. While this is normal, you should be able to understand what they’re saying soon after. An evaluation of your child is strongly advised if they exhibit the following symptoms:

If your child has not started to talk or is doing so at an unnaturally slow pace, seek professional help immediately.

The Care Your Child Needs

We understand that speech disabilities affecting your child can be extremely stressful, but know that the staff of Hope Therapy Center in McAllen is ready to help. Our expert speech-language pathologist will work to evaluate your child’s current speaking abilities by using the best methods in the field and will continue implementing them to help overcome an articulation disorder. Being a parent should be an experience full of joy and we want to help you keep it that way.

Hope is Here

At Hope Therapy Center, we understand you would do anything for your child, and we will too. If you believe your child is in need of speech therapy, don’t hesitate to contact Hope Therapy Center today.