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Questions to Ask a Doctor About Your Child’s Hearing Loss

If your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, chances are you have a long list of questions to ask your doctor. You’ll often wonder what can happen after the diagnosis or what you can do to assist your child. How can you ensure you’re asking the most pivotal questions? At Hope Therapy Center, we have crafted some questions to keep in mind when visiting your child’s doctor, along with the possible information you can expect in return.

How can my child’s speech and language development be affected by hearing loss?

It’s important to understand hearing is vital in any child’s speech and language development, whether it’s spoken or signed. Your child’s communication and language skills can be significantly affected depending on how early their hearing loss is diagnosed.

What was the cause of my child’s hearing loss?

Hearing loss in children is often caused by hereditary factors, which make up half of all cases. A quarter of hearing loss in children is attributed to illnesses, while the remaining 25% is not identified.

Are there any tips for communicating with my baby or child?

One of the most important things to do for your child or baby is to make sure they have a clear view of your face when you speak to them. Make sure to make eye contact and keep any other noises (TV, radio, etc.) low so they can listen to you as best they can.

Communication with your child is a key factor in assisting them, so speak with them often during the day, read to them, enjoy activities where communication is required and, most importantly, enjoy your time with them.

Your Child is Our Priority

We’re here to assist you every step of the way if your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss. At Hope Therapy Center, our professional speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist are ready to assist you and your child in the journey toward better communication. The time to act is now, so visit our location in McAllen or give us a call for more information about our services.